Devon Mendoza

Are You on a Fitness Journey? See Why Personal Training Is a Critical Requirement

One of the challenges that people have had to deal with endlessly in the modern world is maintaining a healthy weight and body mass index. The body mass index is the ratio between your weight and height, and health professionals use it to determine whether you have a healthy body weight or are becoming obese. The challenge is that there are fitness fads and diets everywhere, and knowing which one to work with is not easy. Read More 

The IVF Steps for Women

When you decide to undergo IVF, there's a lot of information to absorb and the process is often both physically and emotionally challenging. The direct role played by a male partner in the IVF process is relatively small. Once they've provided a sperm sample, their role shifts to one of support. This is still an important role, but the process is more intense and demanding for women. There are several steps that women need to complete during IVF, and being clear about what's involved in each step can help you feel a little more in control and ready as you go through the process. Read More 

Four benefits of using a home STD testing kit

Nowadays it is possible to buy STD home testing kits on the high street or online so you can find out at home if you have a sexually transmitted infection. Why would you use such a kit? Speed One big advantage of using a home testing kit is that you can take the test as soon as you are worried. You will then get the results within a day or two of sending it away to the laboratory. Read More