Four benefits of using a home STD testing kit

Nowadays it is possible to buy STD home testing kits on the high street or online so you can find out at home if you have a sexually transmitted infection. Why would you use such a kit?


One big advantage of using a home testing kit is that you can take the test as soon as you are worried. You will then get the results within a day or two of sending it away to the laboratory. This can save a lot of worry — if you think you have an infection but you can't get to a clinic, you may find yourself fretting about matters without being able to do anything. A quick diagnosis will also mean that you can start any treatment more quickly.


Another reason that is important to many people is that you do not have to suffer the embarrassment of going to a doctor or health clinic. You should never be afraid to see a health professional when you are worried — your health is more important than any embarrassment, and any doctor will have heard it all before. Nonetheless, many people are happier if they can take the test in the privacy of their own home without having to go through the stress of a physical meeting.

Ease of access

Even if you are happy with visiting a sexual health clinic, it may not be easy to get there. It can be particularly difficult for people in rural areas to access health services, and even where it is possible, it can take a long time to get there and back. Any tests you can do at home can make things much easier and will ensure that the stress and annoyance of the journey don't make you feel worse.

Regular testing

A final reason is that it makes it much easier to have a regular self-check, even if you are not displaying any symptoms. Many health experts recommend getting tested every six months or so and before beginning sexual relations with a new partner. You may have an infection without displaying any symptoms, so being able to take a test simply and without any fuss will make a regular testing regime easier to keep up.

You should always talk to your doctor if you have any health worries, but in the meantime, an STD testing kit can be a quick and convenient way of allaying any fears.